3 Facial Cleaning mistakes that can make an old quick face

Even you’re lazy to take care of the skin (forget to use a serum, forget to wear sunscreen), of course, you will not forget the routine skin cleanse. Cleansing the face with a special cleansing soap is done at least twice a day, which is morning and evening. However, be careful. Turns out there are 3 mistakes face cleansing that can make your face old fast. Before this became a habit, immediately did a treatment at Bondi Lash & Beauty Clinic. They are the facial Bondi Beach Clinic that offers a wide range of treatments including Lash Extensions, facials, IPL skincare and hair removal, waxing, tinting, spray tan, body treatments.

Immediately stop the mistake so that the face does not look old by reading further this article.

1. Remove eye Makeup by rubbing it

There are some women who remove eye makeup with makeup remover or micellar water. It is not wrong. What is usually the fault is how to remove it. When using a cleanser, you are sure to pour the makeup remover or micellar water on the cotton and attach it to the eye. The usual mistake is that the cotton rubbed on the eyes. Did you know? This rubbing motion can make the skin of a thin eye become stretch. As a result, eye skin can be saggy a.k.a. slack! The best way to remove this eye makeup is by pressing the bag on the eye for a few moments, then gently erase it sideways.

2. Using palms to cleanse your face

The next face cleansing error is when using a face wash in the form of face washing or face foam. Remember-remember how you use it. After washing the face with water, the cleaning product is poured on the palm of the hand, spread out, then the palm is rubbed on the face. Well, at the last stage, it’s good to use your fingers instead of your palms. The pressure produced by the Palms is too harsh, while the finger pressure is softer and does not swipe the skin. Too hard a facial rubbing can make a quick wrinkle appear!

3. Wash your face with the downward movement

The latter error is the most unrealized mistake. When washing the face, there are still many women who are absorbing the water with downward movement. Wow, if it became a habit, this mistake is what makes your face fast slack because the movement is attracted down. To avoid this, let’s start washing your face by removing the rest of the water toward the side.