5 Simple ways to design the office room to get productive

Of course, employee productivity is important to thin . for every company. This is because if your company employees are more productive, then the development of your company’s business will be growing. 

So, how do you maintain or even improve the productivity of those employees? One of the simplest and cheaper ways is to design an office room using the services of Express Fitouts. They are a one-stop-service provider, that provide, office design, office relocation, to office fitouts Canberra

According to some studies it has been found that the decline in employee performance is not only due to the work that is accumulated but also because of the office environment that does not support the process of working.

To do this, here are 5 ways to design your Office workspace to improve employees ‘ productivity.

Open Space

The concept of open space is to make your office space unblocked. By forming your office space, it will make your fellow employees easier to interact and communicate with each other. And with this ease of communicating and interacting, your fellow employees have a closer and closer relationship.

Ample lighting

One of the most important ways to design your office space to increase productivity is to have enough exposure. This is because poor lighting can trigger stress due to the low levels of cortisol hormones produced by the body. The hormone cortisol itself is a hormone that plays a role in processing sugar or glucose and fats in the body to provide energy, as well as controlling stress that is influenced by various conditions such as infections, injuries, severe activities, and stress Physically and emotionally. Therefore, you must design your office space to have enough exposure.

Make Space to relax

The human body has a boundary in work. For that, your employees can also have stress and need a little space to relax for a while. So, you can design your office space to have a very simple relaxed space, which is to make use of a little corner of an unused room.

Color Room

In addition to the white color, other colors can help the productivity of your employees,

· Blue – can stimulate individuals to produce high-quality work.

· Green – Its color symbolizes nature and a relaxed atmosphere, then it can help reduce stress.

· Yellow – This color can improve the optimism, increase the concentration and of course 

Proper furniture

In addition to lighting, office furniture setups are equally important. This relates to the comfort that your employees will feel. If employees feel comfortable, their productivity levels will also increase. For that, set your office furniture to be comfortable, such as table height, chairs, and computer monitors to balance so that the thighs align with the floor, and the upper arms perpendicular, as well as the wrist, should be straight on the table and the eye naturally should Look directly at the computer monitor.

That’s 5 ways to design your Office workspace to increase employee productivity. To facilitate the work of designing your office space, you can trust it to the trusted interior design services company Express Fitouts. Express Fitouts is a special one-stop-service provider for office interiors. For further information, you can get through the official Express Fitouts website at https://www.officefitoutsaustralia.com.au/.

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