In the modern technological world, the whole world lies at hand. Our mobiles are now updated with lots of features. There are many more things that we can come across over the mobile. So as you can use a digital cash wallet also. No need to take money with you all the time. You can easily send or receive money via this digital cash wallets easily. It makes your life easy.  One of the above cash wallet is Crescent Cash. A well developed, easy and fast app for you to share your cash. You can transfer amount of money that you want to share online from your savings and then you can spend it on your own as you wish at any time. The concept is very useful for the today’s world as I think.

Crescent cash: if you want to send cash to any other cash account then this is the best intermediate for you. Through this app you can send cash to any other crescent cash account or Bitcoin cash address. This is an easy to use app. The navigations through the app is very easy and you can do it very quickly because of the simplicity of the app and also the downloading and installing the app is also very easy and fast. I like the colour of the UI also. It is designed with my favourite colour. The app Crescent Cash can be identified as the first Bitcoin cash wallet that was introduced for your mobile. If your mobile is android 6+ then certain you can have this app in your mobile too. Crescent Cash was released recently by the programmer Pokkst but it is a very popular app among most of the users in the world. The app is an open source app.

It can be considered as a non-custodial wallet that allows money transfer from one cash account to the other. The Crescent cash apk is very secure cash wallet that you can trust. It is designed based on the traditional techniques and that causes to attract so many users by the app.

If you are with a username and a bit coin address then you can send the money via this fantastic app in your mobile. You don’t have to send money to a long alphanumeric address. You can send it directly to a simple username. The app is free to use, but if you want some advance features you can pay and buy the features. But in the free version also you can have many more outstanding features.

The app crescent cash doesn’t want any of your private details and that means your privacy is protected. You can be sure that the app is secure and also as a privacy securing app. If you are also interested with the concept of this digital cash wallet you also can download this crescent cash wallet for your android also. Try it now. Sure, that you will find it useful. If you are unable to download this app from play store you can use AC Market. AC Market is the best alternative app store to download apk files. If you are using Android TV you can use Filelinked to download this app. All the apps and games that are not available on play store for TV can be downloaded via Fileinked.

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