Guide to Manage Storage

Both in the office and at home, we need a place to store our belongings including files, valuable goods, even items that are rarely used. Besides its functions to safe items, it is easier for us to find goods there. However, not all items can be stored. You can use the services of Rhenus Lupprians, a specialist logistics company that provides a variety of logistics services

Rhenus Lupprians provides a wide range of services, ranging from high tech warehousing, server delivery, server switching, to access control installation.

To manage your storage area, both at home and in the office, here are a few things to consider:

• First, we must know the character of the items we store. For example, if the items we store are very sensitive to cold weather, use steel don’t place against the wall. Items that are sensitive to weather conditions are like paper documents, electronic equipment, computers, vehicles, and data storage media.

• Second, pay attention to how often we use the items we will store. If it is rarely used, it is better if the item is placed in the deepest part of the safe. Conversely, if the item is still used, store it in a place/storage drawer that is easy to afford.

• Third, the size of goods. The size of the item will determine where the item should be stored or arranged. Also, the size of the item is also related to the size of the storage cabinet we need. Classification of goods by size is another tip you can try.

• Fourth, labeling. Labeling or marking the items stored will make it easier for us or others if one day someone needs these items. A list of items stored in a cabinet or drawer can be posted on the outside. For a list of items, be sure to use strong and durable materials, such as laminated paper.

• Fifth, insurance. To ensure the safety of valuables, we can use insurance. This insurance is needed when unexpected things happen makes our goods damaged or lost, especially for valuable documents.

• Sixth, the removal of stored goods. After we store our belongings according to size, weather resistance, and placement, we can move if later our home or office will move. To move this item, make sure items that have strong endurance are on the bottom, and fragile ones are on top.

By uhileds