Here are 7 Effective Ways for Children to Learn

A 6-year-old child has its characteristics. Therefore, we need to recognize these characteristics to be able to apply the best learning methods for our children. Here are some ways for child learning.

Learning While Playing

Early childhood is full of playing. Therefore, you can go to school at St Andrews Sukhumvit which applies a fun learning system for children.

This school is the  BestSchool in Bangkok, which teaches the calculation of numbers with methods according to the characteristics of children at their age. You can teach them to count by adding the toys one by one. That way children will more easily understand it.

Study with Friends

It’s better if the learning process is done with friends. You can invite your children’s peers to study together at home. You can guide them by watching how they learn.

Indeed, sometimes their behavior is adorable. That’s how the children’s world works. The important thing is children can learn together. This can teach the importance of working together for children.

Practice directly

It is easier for children to understand what is taught if an example is given. For example, we want to introduce the direction in compass, we can show each direction with our hand then ask the child to practice it. That way, children will be easier to understand.


When we want to invite children to learn, don’t force them. Choose the right condition so that they are ready to learn.

We can interact with children. For example, when children are still playing during study time, we as parents must remind them. We can also start by doing stories to attract the attention of children. This is an effective way to get their attention.

We need to do the “pull” first so children will feel enthusiast to start learning.

Make Children Ready to Learn

Awake your child’s learning enthusiasm. Before you start studying, you can, for example, invite them to sing. The goal is that later the child can be enthusiastic to learn.

Doing this warming up is very important to make children ready to learn. Even for parents, this feels ridiculous, but for children to do it is very fun.

Use Audio-Visual Media

Use audiovisual media occasionally so that your child does not get bored easily. After studying at school we need to provide them different styles of study with audiovisual media.

For example, children are fond of learning to read. We can find it on the internet, audiovisual learning media related to this. In this way, children will be more eager to learn.

Teach Time Management

From an early age, we as parents need to teach time management to children. So children know how to manage their time.

For example, we accustom children to study before bedtime. Although it seems easy to do, but this will have a major impact on children later. By doing this, we teach them how to use time correctly. They will learn when its time to learn, and they will sleep when its time to sleep.

By uhileds