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Are you the owner of a glass bong or pipe? Do you know how to clean it safely without hurting yourself or damaging your beloved smoking instrument? Well, if that’s the case then congratulations, you are already one step closer to being healthier and wiser.

If not, this article will show you some quick tips on how to get started so trust me, it won’t be hard at all, just keep reading!

-Take everything out of the glass piece. This includes the bowl/slide whatever is attached to it. It is important that they are completely empty because we don’t want any leftover particles stuck in there while we’re cleaning our work of art. You might also wanna remove anything else that comes out of the piece like the stem and the downstem, hit chamber and anything else that you can think of.

-Next take a half and half mix (equal parts) of Isopropyl Alcohol (70%) and water. If you don’t have Isopropyl available then you can also use Vinegar or Lemon Juice to clean it out with but if I had to pick one I would personally go for Isopropyl because it is more effective at breaking down resin build ups in glass bongs than vinegar or lemon juice. Now we’re all set up to begin cleaning our glass bongs for sale and pipes!

-Pour in about an inch worth of your mixture into your glass piece either by pouring it in through the bowl/slide hole or the downstem if you have a removable one, remember to never pour your mixture directly into your glass piece through the stem.

-Now just drop in a small amount of salt into the mixture and then use a lighter to heat up the solution for about ten seconds. If you don’t have a lighter simply boil some water and use that instead. The point of heating up our bong cleaning solution is to break down resin build ups so they become easier to scrub off from the inside of our glass pieces.

-Once this is done, grab yourself an old brush or toothbrush and begin scrubbing away at all parts inside your glass piece until it turns clean, don’t be afraid to push hard when scrubbing because this is when you’ll be breaking down most of the resin.

-Finally once you are satisfied with the amount of scrubbing that has been done, pour out your mixture and rinse out your glass piece in hot water for about two minutes to make sure no Isopropyl is left inside. If you don’t want to pour it out then simply turn on the faucet or hold it under there which makes this process much easier because using lighter can get quite dangerous if not handled properly due to all the flammable liquid present.

-Now just take a dry cloth and begin drying off your glass piece by wrapping it around the part that was filled with solution and carefully wipe off any excess fluid from both sides until its completely dry!


-Finally all you have to do is put everything back together and enjoy your newly cleaned glass piece!

Try out these tips and tricks and tell us what you think of this article in the comment section below. If you follow our step by step instructions we mentioned above, we guarantee that it will be a lot easier for you to clean your glass bongs and pipes yourself without any hassle or special skills needed at all! Also if you don’t own a glass piece yet but want one then check out our website where we sell some amazing pieces made by Grav Labs, GRAV, Illadelph, ROOR and many more with prices starting from $10 up to $2000 so no matter how rich or poor you are there’s something for everyone! Thank you for reading this article and see you next time.



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