How to Ensure Your Relationships Survive Under Quarantine

By now the word “quarantine” has circulated its way around the world and changed the way we live our lives in a short matter of time. For some it has been a time of peace and reflection, a time to slow down. For others it has become the bane of their existence. The world is awake now more than ever venting their complaints about the difficulty of spending too much time with loved ones during quarantine. Where you are feeling the pressure with your spouse, kids, or other family members, the following tips will help ensure your relationships survive under quarantine.

Spend time together outdoors

The great outdoors has a way of bringing serenity and peace to any chaotic situation. Try to go hiking, biking, running, or having a simple picnic outdoors with your loved one(s). This is a great way to exert your energy and frustration on bodily exercise and admiring nature rather than spilling over any irritation on the ones who you love and care for and those who love and care for you.  Spending time outside with your family will help you focus on the things that really matter and in the process, you might pick up on a new outdoor activity that you really enjoy.

Plan a Vacation

Even though traveling to a resort or a fun family vacation at an amusement park is not a viable option at this time, you can still plan for a future vacation. Set aside time with your spouse or partner to talk about where you want to go. Dream big and bright because the future still awaits. Talk about the little details like potential resort or hotel stays. Discuss different places that you would want to eat while on vacation. Even planning a budget for your vacation can help you both find something to look forward to in this “in limbo” period of time. Planning for a future vacation can help deepen your relationship because you will have to do more communicating and spend time together to plan out your desires. In the end it will also help you learn more about what your partner enjoys.

Create a Constitution

Much like the founding fathers of any nation created a code of conduct, you and your partner or spouse can create a constitution of sorts for your relationship in quarantine. The constitution should be a document that includes both of your desires for what you want to get from your relationship. It can be as adding a bullet point that states you must share something positive about the other person each day in quarantine, to more complicated terms like who is responsible for taking out the trash, changing dirty diapers, and attending to the virtual schooling needs of your children. Once the constitution is created, make sure that it is taken seriously. It is a code of conduct and following it will ensure that your decisions will be made in a logical and less emotional manner.

Do not be critical or judgmental

We are all processing quarantine in our own ways so it is important not to judge or be critical of your spouse, kids, or other family members. Remember to be kind no matter what your views on the situation might be. At the end of the day you have to quarantine together so making the journey easier by using dialogue that is not condemning. If you do feel the need to vent, grab a journal and write out your thoughts, or as a trusted partner or spouse to be your listening buddy but set a limit to 5 minutes. Focus on the positives in your relationship and this will help you overcome the negative urges to criticize. They say counting your blessings really helps and in quarantine it should be considered an essential.

Read a book together

Find a book to read based around themes that will enhance your marriage. There are books on love languages and communication that can help you and your partner, and family members utilize tools to build your relationships. With so much time on your hands, this is the perfect opportunity to create change and plan how you will address conflict in the future even after quarantine ends.

Do not rule out future peptide use

The PT-141 sexual peptide, has been shown to increase sexual arousal in the central nervous system and influence sexual behavior. Although studies have only been done on rats and mice, the results suggest promising advances for the future. Sex with your spouse is important in quarantine and in the future, this peptide could potentially lead to healthier sexual relations. More research needs to be done on this peptide before it is approved by the FDA for human use.

Give more than one cook in the kitchen a chance

There is nothing like cooking with your partner, spouse, or family member to bring everyone together. Find a recipe that both parties will enjoy and take turns making each step of the recipe. Better yet, if you are making something with your spouse or partner, create a steamy affair of the cooking ordeal and feed each other the meal when completed. Find small ways to include romance while cooking.

By uhileds