How to Whiten Teeth with Lime + Salt


Having white and clean teeth is the desire of many people. But often an unhealthy diet makes teeth dirty, yellow, and some of them even have black teeth. That is why we need a way to whiten teeth so that it returns to flying, one of which is lime. Having yellow and dirty teeth, of course, will be very annoying, especially when it comes to appearing in public. Yellow teeth and dark color will give rise to a number of negative perceptions. At least someone who has yellow teeth will be considered dirty and not good at maintaining health. If this continues it will interfere with the association. Factors that influence tooth discoloration. Maybe you are wondering what makes the tooth discolored? Some people feel that they brush their teeth every day but it turns out that the color of their teeth is still dark, not as white as expected.


Whether we realize it or not, many of us like to eat candy. Whether for reasons of relieving sleepiness or as a substitute for cigarettes, candy is often the choice. Even if you know, the sugar found in candy can make teeth turn yellow.

Tea water

This is especially for you fans of black tea and red tea. In tea there are substances called tannins. This substance, if consumed continuously, will darken the color of the teeth. What’s more, if this substance is mixed with food with carbohydrate content, it will add to the cloudiness of your teeth. for that for those of you who love tea, you can replace red tea with green tea. Besides being healthier, this tea can also be used as a diet tea.

Packaged juice

Whether for practical reasons or more deliciously, many people nowadays like to consume bottled juice. Usually this juice is packaged in bottles or plastic. For those of you who like to consume packaged juices, this must be reduced immediately because consuming too many drinks like this will have an impact on health, one of which is to make your teeth turn yellow.

Consume sauce

Sauce is a food complementary liquid. This one liquid will add to the delicious taste when mixed with meatballs, chicken noodles, fried chicken, and various snacks. But did you know that there is dye in the sauce? This coloring agent causes the color of the teeth to become dirty. What’s more, if what you consume is sauce that is not guaranteed quality, then it will accelerate the yellowing of your teeth.

Colored fruit

Today many colored fruit are sold in fruit shops and supermarkets. When seen, the colored fruit is so appetizing. What else if consumed during the day. but you need to know that consuming colored fruit in large quantities will make teeth dirty. The cause is the same as sauce, which is due to the presence of coloring agents in it.


It is common knowledge that in cigarettes there are nicotine substances that are harmful to the body. Not only threatens the health of the lungs and other organs, nicotine will also make teeth dirty, even black. After knowing what causes discoloration of teeth, then it’s time you avoid the things above. In addition to regularly brushing your teeth, avoiding the causes of dirty teeth above can keep your teeth and mouth healthy.

How to whiten teeth with lime?

For those of you who currently have even yellow or black teeth, you can use lime and to whiten them. As we all know that lime is a fruit that has a high level of acidity. This is a sign that lime contains high amounts of vitamin C. In addition, lime also has natural whitening properties that can clean dirt on the teeth and gums. Furthermore, we will also use table salt later. Salt has a high sodium content. This content can be used as a tooth and gum cleaner. Even salt can also be used to treat bad breath, swollen gums, mouth sores, and so on.

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By uhileds