Speed up your old Android phone

There are lots of Android Junk cleaning and performance boosting apps. But there are only few effective and reputed apps on the market. Many of you have heard about AVG antivirus tool for windows. AVG mobile team has develop one of the best and most popular Android cleaning tools for free. This app is completely free to install and use. Contain some ads that are not annoying and has in-app purchases if you want to go premium like removing ads. However free version will do all the required tasks to improve your Android phone. If you have Android TV box you can use Android TV cleaning tool. Most of the Android TV related apps can be downloaded via Filelinked.

AVG Cleaner will help you to run your Android device much faster with many other benefits like longer battery life, less phone heating and many more. Below listed some of the feature you may interested.

Features of AVG Cleaner

Below listed only main features of this application. You can use Play Store to install this tool for free and find out other features.

Remove Pre-Installed Apps – Many Android phones comes with carrier or vender installed apps and games. For example, Samsung phones has two email apps, app stores, internet browser and many more. That is because phone manufactures want people who buy their phones to use their apps instead of google apps. Those apps and utilities may take considerable amount of storage and performance. You can delete those per installed apps and utilities with ease using AVG Cleaner.

Get More Space – With time many unwanted files, junk files, cache files, residues from updates, residues from uninstalled apps, old files on system updates and many more collected. Those files take considerable amount of storage space. You can’t delete those files manually. Manually deleting files may delete system files and cause system failure. It is better to use any utility app like AVG cleaner.

Improve Performance – Using this utility app, you can identify apps and tools that slow down your Android phone. With cleaning all junk, cache files and blocking or removing apps that slow down your phone will help you gain more performance easily.

Hibernate Apps – Why app hibernating? App hibernating helps to gain more battery usage time. It means you can use your phone longer time without charging. Many apps that run when you are not using draining battery power. Hibernating all those battery intensive apps help to get more battery life easily.

There are lots of un mentioned app features. This is the best clean master application period. Because each and every task is refined. Having a effective cleaning tool help to save your older phone. You can find more apps and games on https://www.dialapk.com

How to install AVG Cleaner to your PC

For this purpose first you need to install a good android emulator to your windows or mac PC. We recommend you Nox player for this purpose.

  1. First download Nox player from the official website. It is free to download and use.
  2. Then install in correctly to your PC.
  3. Then you need to sign in with a Google account.
  4. After that download and install AVG Cleaner to your PC with Nox player emulator.
  5. Now you are done!

By uhileds