Tips select the skincare product for the dry skin

The beauty products that are so often featured on television and on the Internet often induce many women to be immediately tempted to try them. Yet, the purchased product may not necessarily fit the type of skin. If you have a dry skin type, it would be wise to use a product from Acseine that prevents you from getting into facial care. For more information on Acseine, you can visit the website Acseine at

Here is 6 tips on choosing skin health products so you can look more beautiful and healthy.


The routine of cleansing the face is the most core thing in the daily life of a woman.  Before using makeup until after remove it.  For the dry-skinned, choose a gentle facial cleanser.  Try not to contain alcohol and deodorizer because both substances usually add a dry effect to the face.  Some dry-skinned people usually use oil-based natural cleanser such as cleaners containing coconut oil.


Instead of using skin care products moisturizer in the form of lotion, you are dry skin should choose a moisturizing cream-shaped because it is more small risk causing irritation to the complexion.  Take good care of the ingredients contained in the moisturizing cream you buy.  The contents of olive oil, jojoba oil and Shea Oil are best to be applied to dry skin.  Ingredients such as mineral oil, lactic acid, glycerin and lanolin can also reduce the dry effect on the skin.


The Toner can also clean the rest of the makeup and give the skin a fresh effect, while cleaning the dry cells on the face surface.  Wear a toner that contains salicylic acid, glycolic acid and avoid alcohol-containing.


Sunscreen is one of the most important facial treatments for all skin types.  For Our dried skin, the use of sunscreen daily is very important to keep our skin exposed too much UV rays. Choose the product by using basic material from the water to keep the skin fresh all day long. Wear every day before we use another beauty product.

Mask apply twice a week

Some natural material like yoghurt, avocado, eggs and honey that we’re easy to find in the house can be our mask. Using mask twice a week with the right material can make our dry face slowly so moist.

Release water – blast liquid foundation

For owners of dry skin, the use of a moisturizing foundation is important, especially related to the appearance of your daily makeup. Avoid using a moisturizer from the powder because it will make the face look even drier. Choose which can give the impression of glowing on your face.

By uhileds